Be Involved

The entire work of Audio Book Bank has been done by volunteers. The work that is shown here is just the YFSbeginning, there is lot of work that is required to be done.

Here are some of the ways that you can be involved. If you have suggestions / ideas / feedback, please contact us at

  • Recording Audio Books

    Recording Audio Books is simple and can be done very conveniently from your home.

    Volunteers need just a PC / Laptop.

    Using free software like Audacity, it is possible to record audio books and make a real positive impact in the life of many visually challenged.

    Link for downloading Audacity software is :

    For getting the text files / books that need to be recorded, please fill up the contact form below. For any questions about roadmap, our plans, which books do we choose to get recorded, please read About Audio Book Bank page.

    Contact form for registering as a volunteer for recording Audio Books is at

    The Audio Book Bank team at Youth for Seva provides new volunteers with  training on how to record Audio Books, dos and don’ts. The training is provided over Skype / Google Chat (so that you can take basic training over internet) as well as at our office, so please don’t hesitate and register as a volunteer.

    We have volunteers who record books in places as far as Panipat, Manipal, Dubai, Riyadh and off course, New Delhi.

  • Helping with maintaining audio file quality

    This involves listening to audio quality, especially when a volunteer is recording for the first time, and provide feedback relating to noise (if any), tone, clarity etc. In some cases cleaning of audio files is required to remove background noise. A prior experience of having done this work (especially in a BPO context for example) is very useful, though not mandatory.

    Again, after an initial meeting / conversation, this work is very suitable to be done from home. If you would want to volunteer in this role, please contact us at

  • Helping with uploading / sorting / segmenting the audio files

    As the data increases, sorting of the files and making sure that they are properly tagged and categorised becomes very important to ensure that the data is usable.

    We are very short on volunteers for this critical work. This work, unlike others will require regular face to face meetings with other team members (initially at least). Our office is near Patel Nagar Metro Station in New Delhi.

    If you can help us with this work, please drop a mail at

  • Helping spread awareness about the Audio Book Bank to the blind hostels

    The project’s success depends on its wide spread usage. Many blind hostels, especially in smaller cities might not be even aware of existence of Audio Book Bank.

    Furthermore, at many hostels, some books might have been recorded into audio books. Requesting the management at these hostels for the recorded books and making hostels aware about the Audio Book Bank requires a team of volunteers to contact blind hostels by phone / email.

    If you would like to volunteer for this, please let us know.

  • Spreading the word / Media Support

    Some good publicity that spreads the word about this initiative and helps us get more volunteers to record audio books is always welcome. If you are active on Facebook / Twitter or are a blogger, please do consider writing a post about this initiative.

    If you are from media and need some information / photos etc., please drop a mail at


  • Financial Support

    While we strive to run the program on least budget, there are some incidental expenses – say on Hard Disks, purchasing books (not always, sometimes), sending books by post / courier (not always but sometimes).

    Also, if the project could engage 1 or 2 full time volunteers and offer them some honorarium, the project could scale up much faster.

    If you would like to support this project financially, please contact us.


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