Audio Book Bank

What is the concept of Audio Book Bank ?

While working with blind hostels, volunteers of Youth for Seva discovered a major challenged faced by many students were lack of audio books. Students in some hostels, particularly those in large cities / metro, did have audio books that had been recorded by volunteers (not of YFS). But often, the very same audio books were not available even to students in other blind hostels in the same city because of lack of a sharing platform.

Ironically, while volunteers to manually record the audio books are always scarce,  it was discovered that some audio books had been recorded 3-4 times (each recording at different hostel). Naturally if there was a platform for sharing the existing audio books, such a problem could have been avoided.

Thus there are two issues, both of which are linked :

  1. Lack of sufficient number of recorded audio books
  2. Lack of a platform to share the audio books that had already been recorded.  intends to address the second issue – a platform for sharing the alredy recorded audio books.

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